Smart Integrations


The more you are connected to the world, the more smart you are. Msiaiconsists numerous built-in external connection integrations.

AI Bot Reply

Msiai has integrated OpenAI`s language processing technology so that we can understand and respond to user inputs.

WhatsApp Catalogs

Effortlessly showcase and sell your products within WhatsApp, delivering a seamless shopping journey that takes your business to new heights.

WhatsApp Webhook Workflow

Any third-party webhook provider, can be connected to Msiai in order to send messages to WhatsApp depending on webhook data.


Leveraging the `WhatsApp Webhook Workflow` you can integrate Msiai to WooCommerce easily


Leveraging the `WhatsApp Webhook Workflow` you can integrate Msiai to Shopify easily

SMS,Email & Auto-responder

Set up an SMS and email sender API to send email and SMS to subscribers sharing their phone number or email.


Using the `WhatsApp Webhook Workflow`, you may use a webform to input data to Msiai and send messages to WhatsApp.

API End-points

We offer WhatsApp text message sending, WhatsApp template message sending, WhatsApp subscriber add many more yet to be released.